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Langshaw's Barrel Organ

Two more chamber barrel organs of this type made by John Langshaw have been discovered since Mr. Langshaw's Square Piano went to press; one in Illinois, USA, previously in the collection of Mr. Ralph Heintz, and another in a private collection in the south of England.

Some of the tunes are different - they were clearly made to order.

All three can still be played.

Barrel Organ made by John Langshaw

Barrel Organ made by John Langshaw, c.1780

Pins & Staples Pins & Staples on the Langshaw Barrel Organ, Lancaster Museum

The Langshaw Organ, St. John's church Lancaster

The Organ at St. John's Church

Built by John Langshaw and his son, after a design of c. 1762 by John Snetzler; opened January 1785.

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